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Ep 21: Manifestation and Manifesting - with Brittany Welsh

April 10, 2022 Helen M. Ryan / Brittany Welsh Season 2 Episode 21
Walking & Talking with Helen - Walking Podcast
Ep 21: Manifestation and Manifesting - with Brittany Welsh
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Is manifestation real? What is manifestation? 

Manifestation expert Brittany Welsh is my guest in this episode, and she brings us the truth about manifestation. 

Brittany is known as Manifesting with Britt across social media, and she brings practical and real world advice on how to manifest the right way, without all the hype. 

She’ll show you the steps it takes to really get what you want, whether it’s more money, weight loss, finding your soulmate, and other things important to you. 

While this is an interview and not a coached walk episode, you can still slip on your shoes and go for a walk while you listen. 

Brittany is fun and down to earth, and I had a blast talking to her about:

  • Sometimes, a sign you think is from the universe isn’t. 
  • Manifesting is creating a reality. You're either consciously or unconsciously manifesting all the time. You can attract good things or push them away. (Like I pushed Billy Idol awat, ha ha.)
  • Don’t just expect things just to come to you. Manifestation doesn’t work that way. 
  • How to attract things to you, or create a reality to get the relationship of your dreams, the business of your dreams, or the health of your dreams.
  • What high vibe and low vibrational feelings are (explained in a way we can all understand).
  • Why people stay in their 9-to-5 jobs when the world has so much more to offer.
  • Affirmations support manifesting. How to pick affirmations that are right for you.
  • Discovering that she was only a booty call to her “soulmate” helped Brittany realize she had to create (manifest) a relationship with a partner who wanted to be with her.


Brittany is a mother of two, marketing executive, and manifestation expert. She demystifies the process of manifesting to help people tap into their unlimited creating potential and manifest their ultimate reality.


TikTok: manifestingwithbritt

Instagram: manifestingwithbritt

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